Lighting Design

Hopewell Local Rd.
Bangkok, Thailand

19 Dec. 2013

As a prominent monument to the lack of continuity in the infrastructure policies of different government in Bangkok, the 2 kilometers Hopewell Mass Transit Project was abandoned, and the infamous Hopewell site has been know as Bangkok’s Stonehenge. The massive concrete pillars are expected to be demolished soon after 20 years of existence to make way for the red line electric railway.

SMIRNOFF, the world’s leading vodka brand presents a one of a kind project “ Re-Invent Bangkok," designed to ignite and inspire the creativity in Generation Y to turn the impossible into endless possibilities to make the city their own by stirring inventive spirit and putting it into action.

The strong endless beams created by the lighting fixtures that are placed on top of the Hopewell infrastructure symbolized the endless arrays of hope to the young generations.


Lighting Designer | Jiro Endo [SUPERSWEET]
Assistant Lighting Designer | Woraya Boonyapanachoti [SUPERSWEET]
Projection Mapping | Duck Unit
Lighting Supplier | PM Center
Organizer | CMO + Ogilvy